I'm a professional photographer.
As a kid I was always interested in how things worked. I was constantly taking things apart and tinkering with old electronics and then trying, and some of the time failing, to put them back together. Sometime in those golden years of my childhood I took apart an old pair of binoculars and started to play with the with the lenses. i was intrigued by how I could focus light from a nearby window and project an upside down image of what was outside my room. This was my first experience within this world of image creation. 
In 2006 my father Received a Canon 30D DSLR from my mom as a Christmas gift. I was instantly captivated by the technology and quickly asked for a camera for my birthday in January. My first camera was a Fujifilm finepix S700, the best point and shoot camera I could find at the time. Shortly after my birthday, my family took a trip to Yosemite National Park, where I first discovered Ansel Adams' work, and truly  fell in love with  photography. 
With my new passion, I became obsessed with becoming a better photorapher and artist. I spent every second in school learning photoshop, composition, exposure, and how to best shape the light to fit my vision. 
Ever since my knowledge has expanded within this artform, i have photographed articles for nikon news, highwire daze, and revolver magazine. When I'm not pursuing still photography, I have also been the cinematographer for a variety of short films, commercials, and music videos. 
With all that in mind...I only have one question for you:
When are we shooting? 
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